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Hope someone out there is selling business equipment or any other
capital goods to business, and have a product quote generator that

I have trawled the usual palm sites, and tested many, but have not had
much joy

I sell digital copier equipment. We have 32 models in the range with
some 250 possible optional extras with many different configurations.
We often have varialbe costs like paying off old lease agreements,
offerring part exchange, and multiple system sales. we need to
calculate a final invoice total, and then show related monthly leasing
prices accordingly.

It is very easy, whilst in the final negotiaions, to make a mistake,
with missing an essential peripheral, or basic data entry mistakes,

I have made a simple but effective spreadsheet using the validation
option and vlookup, but validation funtion does not port over to the
palm spreadsheet software.

does anybody outthere have a quote calculator, builder that is a
simple interface, but also has a good windows interface..

I have tried

quotes for nerds
act for palm
2 action sales pro

i would like a piece of software that prompts me to make the choices
relevent to the make and model I am quoting on, and prompting me to
not forget essential extras...... like selling a machine with a sorter
on it, but forgeting to price in the cabinet, so it has nothing to
stand on.

Hope someone out there has already been down this path. look forward
to hearing from you.

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