RTF editor freeware sought

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I frequently use my Palm m515 with a folding keyboard to edit text
files. As a minister it's my main tool for sermon preparation. At the
end of the week, I transfer the file to the PC for final formatting and
printing out. I use SiEd on the Palm, which is a great little text
editor, but what I really want is a freeware RTF editor. I've looked and
looked and they seem to be a rare beast. I did find what looks like a
possibility called RichEditor Pocket 1.15 by Zhelobkov Soft. It's listed
on this web site, the fifth item down.

http://www.surfpack.com/software/richtexteditor /

Unfortunately the link to download takes me to what looks like a Russian
web site, and even translating it with Google I can't find any possible
download there. The occasional other site that lists it (Google again)
just links to that same site, so I assume no one else is hosting the
actual download. I have tried on and off for over a week in case the
site was having trouble, but nothing changes. So I'm a bit stumped. Can
anyone offer a suggestion please? Many thanks.
Peter in New Zealand. (Pull the plug out to reply.)
Collector of old cameras, tropical fish fancier, good coffee nutter, and
compulsive computer fiddler.

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