RIP: Treo 600

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I've had nearly three years happy palm usage out of my Treo 600 until it
gave up the ghost a month or so ago and I thought it was just the battery.
Got a replacement battery, but sort of melted the battery trying to put it
in. Electronic soldering course I did 18 years ago didn't help me as I
melted the cable try to get the bloody thing off to start with and totally
went to town melting the connector trying to put the replacement in place.

Before anyone says, I bought a replacement battery with the small connector
on it, great i thought plug and play replacement, that is until I opened my
treo up and the bloomin thing was soldered in.

I'm in two minds if I should replace it or not as the month I never had it I
never missed it. I've got a Nokia N73 for calling and I have my laptop also,
so the palm's become a bit redundant. I only ever really used it near the
end to store my contacts and check my email, but I can do that with my N73
and the N73 is a hell of a lot faster at accessing the internet than my treo
600 ever was and I tend to use the laptop for everything else.
Pity as I really enjoyed some of the apps I'd collected over the years for
it, like:
InWatch (Do not install anything on the palm until you install this first,
its a lifesaver)
Natara Bonsai (Powered up/Beefed up Notes, orgainse by project)
Project@Hand (Project Manager for the PALM, can be used with MS Project)
Agendus Pro (Alternative Address/Contacts/Calendar and more)
Agendus Mail (Email app, Use in conjunction with Agendus Pro)
PowerRUN (Move all your apps to the SD Card, but still have a shortcut that
you can move to the different categories)

Oh well, if I ever see a cheap E2 or Treo on ebay I maybe tempted, but until
then I'm afraid its by from The MOTH.

If anyone wants a treo 600 for spares or attempted repair let me know.

Gerry (The MOTH)

Re: RIP: Treo 600


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Is the screen any good?  I have a nasty groove on mine.
Where are you located?

Simon T

Re: RIP: Treo 600

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The whole phone is in excellent condition, minus a battery.
I work in Preston during the week and travel back to Motherwell at the

Gerry (The MOTH)

Re: Treo 600

"Gerry (The MOTH)" <Gerry (TheMOTH)> wrote in message
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We'll miss you. Hope it works out for you.

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