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For the past few years I've been HotSync'ing my Samsung i330 (Palm OS
3.5.1) with my Apple iBook (Palm OS 2.1 under MACOS 9.2.2). Samsung
does't support the i330 for the Mac, but thanks to the Palm MacPac 2
the two systems work perfectly for backup. I don't use the
synchronizing apsects at all; all data originate on the i330.

I love the i330, but the Graffiti area is growing troublesome, so I've
bought a truly new i330 (Palm OS 3.5.2).

I need counsel on how to transfer the backup of the old i330 into the
new i330. The (perhaps overly) simple idea of fibbing that the new one
is the old one doesn't work. The iBook asks for the i330's password. I
reply with the 4-digit security code (it's the same for both i330's),
and the iBook quickly reports that the connection has been lost.

I disbelieve the text of the message. The cable fits firmly into the
i330's socket, and even using the charging cradle yields the same
complaint. I suspect the message is deliberately misleading to avoid
giving a miscreant too much nfo.

I've been around long enough to expect that this problem lies with me,
not with the systems. I'll welcome any guidance.

Wishing everyone here the best,

Paul from Pemaquid Point
    "Bounding Maine"

Re: Replacing

On Fri, 10 Nov 2006 23:34:27 -0500, Solstice

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I don't have a specific solution for your problem, but can
confirm that when I replaced my Tungsten C with a new T|X I
just did a final hotsync from the Tungsten C to my laptop,
set the T|X user name to the same one I had been using with
the Tungsten C, connected the "empty" T|X to my laptop and
ran hotsync.   Everything was transferred to the T|X.  (I
may have had to reinstall one or two applications and
hotsync again, but the process was painless.

Vic Roberts
Replace xxx with vdr in e-mail address.

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