reboot every day to hotsync??

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Yep. I don't know why it is, but every day I have to reboot my desktop
to get it to Hotsync with my little Zire 21. I'm new to Palm devices,
so I started with this basic one for my rather simple needs. And it's
great! I'll probably upgrade to a much better one next year. However,
it will Hotsync over and over all day, but the next morning, I get a
message on my zire teling me it's not connected. After I reboot my PC
with WinXP, we are good to go all day. Any ideas? The Hotsync Manager
does not address this problem or anything like it.


Re: reboot every day to hotsync?? (The Doctor of Cool) wrote in message
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Hi DM,

Paul from palmOne here. I cannot answer your question directly , but
can point you to palmOne's Knowledge Library. If you go to and type "28618"(without quotes) into the
Search by Solution ID box, you will come to an article entitled
"Troubleshooting: HotSync under Windows XP (part one)" Note parts 2
and 3 are accessable at the bottom of this article. Hope that helps.


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Re: reboot every day to hotsync?? (The Doctor of Cool) wrote:

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This seems to be a loss of communication between XP and the USB Palm.  HotSync
doesn't work if the Palm isn't connected and turned on when the PC is booted.
If the Palm is disconnected and then reconnected, it generally doesn't HotSync
until the PC is rebooted (with the Palm connected).

The m125 USB cradle is recognized part of the time if it is plugged in after
boot; the basic Zire is not.

On the other hand, I have 2 USB ports on this PC, and at many USB devices that
get used at various times (scanner, 2 printers, USB->serial adapter, mouse, Palm
m125 USB cradle, basic Zire, USB hard drive, USB memory stick).  My personal
opinion is that it's either a conflict between some of the drivers or a problem
in XP's handling of USB drivers.
Using a powered USB hub to leave each device connected to the same physical port
might make a difference - I don't have the time to do serious research on this.

The only thing that's really "universal" about USB is that everyone in the
universe will probably encounter at least one device that doesn't work as
advertised ;-)


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Re: reboot every day to hotsync??

OK. I went to the device manager and installed the blamed thing. Now
I'll find out how my digital camera likes this. It uses that port from
time to time. :/


Re: reboot every day to hotsync??

Try going into Power Options and turning off System Standby.

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Re: reboot every day to hotsync??

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Could be some conflict with the serial/IR ports if u have multiple sync
programs on the PC.

I have the Nokia office connectivity suite in my PC and it interferes with
the Palm Hotsync program exhibiting similar behaviour as what u described.
If u have ActiveSync in the PC too, it may interfere with it if both
programs use com1; a msg kept popping up saying that com port not available.

I've not tried the USB option as my devices do not have USB.

I've sinced removed Nokia's software and set ActiveSync not to use com1.
All works well now.


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