RealOne RealPlayer freezes Zire 31?

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My wife is having problems with RealOne RealPlayer on her Zire 31. Every
now and then, it causes a complete, total, utter, absolute freeze. She
can't even use the reset hole in the back. She has to let it sit until
the battery runs down completely and then recharge it, and in the course
of doing this, she loses all her data. This has only happened three
times (and she doesn't have that mental habit of saying "what was I just
doing when this all went south?"), but she thinks it may have something
to do with trying to change playlists. Anyway, here's what we've got:

Zire 31
Palm OS version 5.2.8
RealOne version 1.1.0
RealLib version 1.0     (I assume this is part of the package?)

RealOne's website has a version 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 available for Windows
only. (We're on a Mac.) I wasn't able to find a zip file for download,
only an exe file. And I wasn't able to find any earlier versions

Can anyone help us figure this out? TIA-

Re: RealOne RealPlayer freezes Zire 31?

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If you are just needing it for an mp3 player, try the FREE DioPlayer
from  .  I have found it much better than Real Player
(which I refuse to use :-) )

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