Re: PalmOS 4.1 time zone change + recurring events problem

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    Apologies for the double posting, but I meant to cross-post this
the first time around.

        Anyone else notice that PalmOS (at least as of 4.1 or less) is
completely braindead and inconsistent in the way that it handles time
zone changes?  It seems to shift some events correctly, then others it
either doesn't change or it completely screws them up.  Recurring events
get duplicated and also shifted back to an incorrect time when the
time zone is changed back.

        Any known fix for this or is it resolved in later PalmOS (which
will actually run on an M515)?

        Basically, there should be a preference, either global, or per
event, on whether or not you want the event to stay on a specific
timezone or be tied to the current time of day.  Some things, like a
general weekly reminder, you might want to go off at 10am local time,
whereas a meeting with global participants would definitely be time zone
specific.  I'll guess that the recommendations I get on something so
"advanced" will be to replace the default Palm calendar application,
but, would like to avoid that especially if it makes the calendar .pdb
incompatible with other applications.

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