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Thanks for the recommendation.  I installed TCPMP (which I
presume was meant) from and it
works as specified.  It's a great movie displayer on my
Palm Tungsten|E.

Apparently the Tungsten|E operating system will only delete
applications, such as TCPMP, and depends upon application
programs to delete their own data files.  So far that's my
only gripe with TCPMP.  The .MPG files I "hot-synced" down
to the Palm can only be seen in the Open-Files pull-down
under TCPMP.  And TCPMP seems to contain no DELETE FILE

Will -=rjh=- kindly explain how one deletes downloaded
movies so as to reuse the space?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Palm movies

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Subject to this post I also downloaded TCPMP and was very impressed
by it. No need to re-encode my *.avis, just drag them to the SD
Card and go. Some movies play back very slowly (DivX, I think) and
others play back very well indeed.

FYI you could delete them afterwards using an app like FileZ.

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Re: Palm movies

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You really need to think about re-encoding your AVIs both to save
space and make them work better.

In landscape the best resolution should be no greater than 320 x 240.

From experiments I suggest (if possible) a speed of no greater than 25
FPS but for my mind 23 is the optimum speed.

I don't use divx much as I prefer Xvid (Nic's Version). In Xvid the
best bitrates (kbps) are around 300 to 400. This gives a well
compressed file and good quality video depending on the quality of the

Quantise around 3 as this is generally sharp and keeps pixelisation
down.... any lower (1 or 2) and video size increases.

A major effector on size and speed (ease of playback) is audio. I
generally prefer to encode it at 32kb 16khz stereo (4KBs). This is
generally good for movies but I might increase that slightly for music

If you do re-encode and experiment until you get what you want the
difference will be pleasing. Simply put a target encoded video will
put less strain on the CPU and memory card.

Changing the dimensions will allow your screen driver to work more

PocketDivxEncoder does a good job all round. VirtualDub is excellent
if you need to go that little bit further or work on lower quality

If you want to encode a DVD movie I would suggest using the lite
version of 'FairUse' to give you a 700MB AVI and then put that through
PocketDivxEncoder or VirtualDub to get a 200MB (Aprox) output movie
ready for the Palm device. I'm pretty impressed with the quality you
can get with this and if re-encoded with the Palm in mind the movie
runs smoothly.

Another reason I believe it is important to re-encode is simply that a
CPU, RAM and memory card that have to work harder to plough through an
over-sized video will heat the device quicker and use far more
power... meaning your batteries are less likely to last...

Last thought: Once encoded you will be able to get upto 20 full movies
on one DVD.. Find access to a PC, take the DVD and a USB cable, file
transfer software and the Palm device with you on your 3 week holiday
and that's about 1 movie every day :)


Re: Palm movies

Pete wrote:
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With respect, it depends on what you are going to be watching, and why.

I generally just grab whatever it is I want to see, and just play it on
the Palm as is - I just don't have time to mess around transcoding
stuff. And if the result is "good enough" on my T3, I'm happy with that;
the actual display output looks better than TV anyway. Battery life
isn't an issue for me - I have a couple of PTG packs, and I'm usually
only watching a short video anyway. As for space, I can afford to
dedicate an SD card for the time it takes to view a movie, then I delete
it afterwards.

Viewing movies on a Palm is practical, but it isn't something I'd go to
a lot of trouble over. I have gone to some trouble in the past, with
optimising avis for playback, but these days I'm a lot more pragmatic
about things. I'm not that much into movies, and there is just too much
else to use the Palm for.

Hmm...maybe I need a second one :-)

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Not on a T3, it shouldn't :-)

And anyway, as an example, I watched the first episode of Dr Who on my
Palm; this was a 44min, 350MB file, 25fps, with a resolution of 640x368.
With slight overclocking this played back just fine.

<useful tips snipped>

Re: Palm movies

Pete wrote:

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I'll give PocketDivxEncoder a try. I've been watching 640px wide movies on my
480px wide LifeDrive screen and wondered if there was a good utility for
shrinking them and now I've found it thanks to your suggestion.

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Very useful tip!

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Re: Palm movies

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Try the free FileZ or FileProg file managers.
(Google to find)

Re: Palm movies

AaronJ wrote:
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As above, Filez is good and was one of my favourites, but I have
recently bought Resco Explorer. Card Export is also an alternative if
you don't have a card reader.

In fact, I almost always use an SD card and card reader; syncing large
files to a T3 is ridiculously slow.

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