Question on importing / exporting address book and calendar data

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I have recently purchased a RIM Blackberry mobile phone. As well as
making and receiving calls, I wish to use it as a personal organiser -
namely the address book and the calendar. I do not need to use email or
internet on it at the moment. I would like to know how to export the
data contained within the address book and calendar in full, so that I
may later import it on either my Blackberry or another mobile phone. I
have tried synchronising it with Outlook Express, but the results are
unsatisfactory as the information transferred is incomplete e.g. many
sub categories contained within the address book entries are omitted
entirely. I am concerned about this for my data security in case a)my
Blackberry gets wiped or suffers data loss; or b) I later upgrade my
telephone to a new one (possibly even a different make and model) and
need to import the data efficiently without typing it all again. What
is the best way to do this, without losing sub categories of

Any help offered will be gratefully received,


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