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Hello all old-timers

This is an appeal for help on a problematic case.
First of all, let me tell you that I recently received the SPP-100 card
tested it on a 'regular' portable PC running windows 95. I had it print
on a
laser printer. So, it works.
However, the main purpose I purchased it - if not the only one - was to
it with my HP200LX palmtop machine. I used both the spp100pd.sys in
config.sys and the spp100pt.exe with (i7,b378,l,e,s1) as parameters . I
could not
print either from DOS or from within system manager using say memo or
built-in app and 'alternate' printer from system menu.
What am I doing wrong or not doing?
I read in an article on HP palmtop paper May/June 1996 that the device
drivers were supposed to be "SPP100CL.COM and SPP100CL.TSR", the latter

going into the c:\_dat directory and used automatically by the system
manager as alternate printer port. Should I get those "old" drivers or
is nothing wrong with the "new" ones and I am missing something?

If someone has these older drivers I would like to have them anyway!
(use the following address please NoSPAMdimika1@otenet.gr by
removing the NoSPAM thing).


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