Q about the Fujitsu Stylistic ST series

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Has anyone reading this used a Fujitsu Stylistic ST 1000 or a
similar model (ST 1200 et al)?  I am thinking about buying one
to run programs that won't run on my Pentium 4 laptop using

The question is this: What sound output does the ST 1000 have?
Is there a built-in sound card (probably 8 bit if there is), or
is there only "speaker sound"?  I don't need a top of the line
sound card, but I want better sound than clicks and beeps.

If you're asking why I want an old machine, my laptop doesn't
produce sound in DOS (f__king "sound chips" and a manufacturer
that won't build a DOS driver).  Lose2000 crashes when running
most of my DOS applications, or it won't produce sound at all.
And yes, this happens with _or_ without "DOS Box".

And if anyone plans to say "stop using DOS programs", do the
world a favour: shut up, don't post it, and kill yourself.

Bob Dog

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