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Does anyone have any thoughts about the 5mx versus other palmtops of
its class? Also does anyone have any experiences with using it? I think
I may buy one, so I was wondering.......


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Did you not see my lengthy reply to your original post?

Paul of Pemaquid Point
   "Bounding Maine"

Re: Psion Series 5mx

I know that, sorry :) I just wanted a few other opinions.

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Re: Psion Series 5mx

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I did not try (yet) Windows PDA (Pocket PC or Mobile). I own a Ericsson
MC218 (Ericsson branded Psion 5mx with some more bundled softwares) and
a Palm Tungsten C, so I can compare both.

Speed : Night and day, but the machines are not of the same generation.
The TC is by far faster than the MC218/5mx (32 (?) MHz proc for the
Psion vs 400 MHz for the Palm)

Screen : MC218/5mx screen is B&W but compfortable with the back-light :
large so you can have a page width on screen. The TC of course got a
brighter screen with colour. You can watch a movie on the TC, this is
not possible on the MC218/5mx

Keyboard : the MC218/5mx keyboard is VERY GOOD. Ok, still smaller than a
laptop keyboard, and you have a lot of signs accessibles only via
"shift" or "Fn" key combinations, but you can type with several fingers.
On the TC you have a "thumb keyboard" : the keys are too small and close
so you can use only one finger per hand (except for a woman or child
perhaps ?). The typical use of the TC keyboard is with the two thumbs.
If you intend to TYPE TEXT, the 5mx/MC218 definitely has a advantage here.

Sync with PC : MC218/5mx can use serial link or infrared. Windows side
software  are not supoprted anymore I suspect... Personnaly I now use a
CF card to install things and transfer files. For the TC you have a USB
cradle/link available, a for recent PDA you can also synch via bluetooth
or wifi (this works with the TC : very handy. I can sync my Palm with
the main computer from anywhere within the house).

Available software : well you've got plenty of free stuff for both
machines. EPOC softwares tend to disapear from the web with the death of
the OS, but you still have a large selection available...

Commnucations : I used the TC and the MC218 connected by infrared to my
cell phones with sucess. I could send and read mails, surf the web,
etc... Of course newer machines will have better software to do so perhaps.

My two cents...


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