Psion Series 3 collection

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I've got a pretty decent Psion Series 3 collection that I'm going to
sell, but I'm looking for advice about the best way to do it.

I own 3 Sienas (I'm keeping one only), an original Psion 3, a 1Meg 3a,
and a backlit, 2 Meg 3c. I've also got modems cables, cases, memory
cards, software (including ACT and Psion Chess) and a few odds and
ends. The machines are in excellent condition -- no scratches on the
screens or much wear on the cases at all. I haven't compiled a list
yet, or taken any pictures, but I'm curious as to whether I should sell
(or auction) all this together, or break it up. I think I would rather
just send it to one place, but I don't want to give it away.

Does anyone have a ballpark figure price for a collection like this? I
don't know if the value of Psion stuff has gone up or down in the 3 or
4 years that I've been ignoring this stuff.

Sorry to ramble. Thanks for any information. You can email if you'd
rather -- just take out the "spamNO."  

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