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I just got my Zire 72 yesterdary from All seems well except
for the camera. When I took pics at the 1280X960 resolution, I get
these really weird lines. Here are some examples:

I took these at work today.

When I take pics at the lower resolutions, I don't see these lines.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? I think I need to
return it but if it's normal, then I don't want to get another one that
does the exact same thing, as I doubt I'll use the high resolution that
much anyway.

Re: problem with Zire72 Camera wrote:
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It's not normal, at least mine doesn't do it. My pictures are of that same poor
quality though, but without the lines.

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Before you return it try a *hard* reset to bring it back to factory fresh. Don't
hot sync. Then try it. If it's still bad it's probably hardware. If not you
likely had some 3rd party software corruption.

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Yep, I seldom use that high resolution (except for tests like now). I was
excited when the 1MP camera was announced. But the pictures are still of as poor
a quality as my Zire71 is and I think the cheap lens is the probable culprit.
But the video is fun and I'm still glad I did the upgrade. (Also was glad to get
rid of that dumb joystick...)

Re: problem with Zire72 Camera

Well...the hard reset didn't fix it, so looks like I got a lemon.
Considering I spent $250 on it, I am going to send it back even though
I probably won't use that resolution ever again except to test it. I
just want a fully-functional crappy camera dang it! :)
Thanks for the suggestion!

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