Problem Moving Calendar Events

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I have Palm Desktop version 4.1.4 for my Windows XP Home Edition
desktop.  When I am in the weekly view of the calendar and try to move
an event from one day to another, the event will not go to the
designated day.  Instead, it goes to the day BEFORE the day I want it
to go to.  However, when I type in a new event, it stays on the day I
type it into.  Anybody know why and how I can fix it?  Thanks.  (I
don't yet have a Palm handheld device, because I want to see how I like
the Palm Desktop calendar, then I'll buy a handheld.)

Re: Problem Moving Calendar Events

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Since this does not happen in my software, it is not normal behavior.
Perhaps your problem is related to not having a Palm device synched to
the software. The Palm desktop software was designed to work with a
Palm device, not really as separate software. Some of the settings
used by that software, such as time zone, world region, DST, and so
on, are entered into the Palm device. Just a guess, but without that,
your Palm desktop software may be confused about this information,
affecting the overall behavior of the software.

Regardless, there are several ways to move events - dragging and
dropping, the edit window, and so on. Try other methods to see if the
results are better.


Re: Problem Moving Calendar Events

I've run into this a couple times on different computers with different
versions of Palm Desktop.  Don't know the cause, but restarting the
Desktop software has always fixed it for me...

Jim wrote:
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Re: Problem Moving Calendar Events

Murphy's Law Update:
Soon after my last email the desktop software started doing this to me
again, but this time it required a full reboot to fix.  Not much on the
web to help, so after a little trial & error:

- It should work for weeks other than the one you're in.

- It should also work if you change when your week begins (Sunday vs.
Monday).  Go to Tools -> Preferences -> Week Begins.  For my case it was
giving me problems with the week starting on Sunday...  Works fine w/
Monday. wrote:
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Re: Problem Moving Calendar Events wrote:
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Hey, you're right!  It works.  Many thanks.

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