PRC viewer sought

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What do I need to view a PRC file? (It's a copy of the US Constiturion I got

Where can I get it?

Since my Newgroup access is quite limited, I'd especially appreciate a copy
of your reply to


Re: PRC viewer sought

IDA Pro can disassemble for a great deal of processors and understands
various executable headers, prc headers and z80 processor just happen to be
one of them, ida is what i use to disassemble my prc files. i'm assuming
that's what you want to do. though re-reading the post i think you actually
just want to run it, in which case you need to use hot sync to copy the
program to your palm and then run it from there. read the palm desktop

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Re: PRC viewer sought

Thanks for your reply.

I can't figure out how to execute it. The only place the existence of the
file can be seen is in system info.  Tapping it there does nothing.

I'm actually using a Sonly Clie SJ-22. The manual that came with it is
basicly limited to describing how to turn the unit on.

Thanks again.


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