Power use in cradle?

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I have a Palm IIIx. I have heard a rumour that when sitting in the Hotsync
cradle that is connected to my desktop's serial port there is a slight
additional drain on the Palm's batteries when the desktop is running. I tend
to leave it sitting in the cradle after doing a Hotsync just as a convenient
place to have it when working at my desk. Can anyone tell me if that is true
or not please? Thanks.

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Re: Power use in cradle?

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 Yeah, more or less. When connected to a PC serial port, there's a
slight drain. Details and a fix here:

 http://www.conklinsystems.com/palm/drainfix /

 Note that the fix listed there might cause issues in the unlikely
case that you hook up the cradle directly to a modem. If you do that,
then the simple alternative is to only put the Palm in cradle when
you're doing a sync.


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Re: Power use in cradle?

Brilliant! Just did the mod and everything's fine. Many thanks for that
link. Have a nice day.


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