power usage / speed of SD card in PCMCIA adapter vs Compact Flash (in CF slot)

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Does anyone know if using an SD card, used through a PCMCIA adapter or
a Compact Flash adapter, would consume more power (if so how big is
the difference) than an equivalent capacity Compact Flash card plugged
directly into a CF slot?

Also I would be curious if the SD card would be significantly slower
through either adapter than the CF in the CF slot. For saving Word
files, etc, it shouldn't matter, but I am wondering if it would be
fast enough to record voice memos (say at 11 KHz, 16 bit mono PCM. Not
sure if 44.1 KHz mono or stereo PCM would be possible).

I have a Handheld PC & Pocket PC that both take CF cards. However I am
using SD more and more in my other devices and it would be easier just
to start using all SD. Also I often have to plug & unplug the cards
and am wary about eventually bending or wearing out the CF pins in the
device eventually (I have already had pins bend in 2 CF readers over
the years). SD seems much more durable in this regard.

Any help appreciated, thanks

Re: power usage / speed of SD card in PCMCIA adapter vs Compact Flash (in CF slot)

The PCMCIA <-> SD conversion isn't purely mechanic AFAIK (unlike with PCMCIA
<-> CF, which is just a simple, mechanical rewiring).  This means it MIGHT
(if it indeed uses active electronics for conversion) consume more power
than the CF card in a PCMCIA  slot.

Speed-wise, I've been using several SD cards in my PCMCIA <> SD converter;
I've never had any problems with speed (both reading and writing speed
around 1 Mbyte/s in my non-USB-2 Thinkpad a31p). That is, you won't run into
speed problems either.


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