Polaris windows link for Casio boss software

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This is about an old product, which I like, a lot.

Polaris windows link for Casio boss and digital diary version 1.2
English(American) (running on windows 2000 sp4)

I use the above software as an address book and to communicate with my
Casio digital diary.

It is not year 2000 compatible, it shows the date as Jan. 1906, which I
can live with, but does anyone know of a way of fixing this?

I don't think Casio supports this product, or its software, anymore.

The other problem I have is that the software came on floppy discs which
my new laptop will not support. Is there anyway of loading this software
onto my new laptop, assuming I can find the original floppies of course
(I put them away somewhere safe!!!! Many years ago)

Or is there an alternative piece of software I can use instead?

Any thoughts, help or suggestions would be welcome.

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