Plastic Films for PPC LCDs

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Do a lot of people use these things? Is it worth the trouble placing and
removing them everytime. I worry that the stress to the LCD everytime you
put and remove them might do more dmage to the screen...


Re: Plastic Films for PPC LCDs

__/ [ Ramon ] on Friday 05 May 2006 06:38 \__

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In  almost  4 years I have not used screen protectors and all  was  fairly
okay.  There were some visible scratch marks on the Palm M130, but nothing
radical.  Other people seem to have reported about similar experiences. It
appears  like more of a marketing scheme or a product which is suited  for
those who like their device to remain in mint condition.

If  you worry about the Graffiti area, consider using duct tape. If it has
the  right 'feel', it can achieve the required effect and protect as  well
as these overpriced overlays.


* I believe, although I am not sure, that this is a Palm-oriented group
rather than a Pocket PC (Windows Mobile/CE) group.

* Please do not multipost...

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