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I have a PDF reader on my T3 but it either has a tiny full-page view that
you can't read, or a large view that you have to forever scroll around the
screen to try to read it.

Is there a version of reader where you can use the wide landscape option on
the T3 ?


- Peter

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Re: PDF reader for T3 landscape

One other solution would be to use Acrobat on your desktop to save the
PDF file as a text file, and then convert it to a DOC file and load it
on the Palm to be read with a DOC reader such as TealDoc that supports
a landscape view, and other helpful features for reading large amounts
of text.  Acrobat for the Palm is nice in that it (mostly) preserves
formatting, but when I read a PDF file that is mostly text I find it
more convenient to read with a DOC reader, and just as convenient to
use Acrobat to save the PDF file as a plain text file and load it on
the Palm as it is to use the Acrobat for Palm conduit to convert the
PDF file to a Palm PDF file.  If you don't have the full version of
Acrobat, you can use the free tools Ghostscript and GSView
(http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost /) to extract text from a PDF file.

Re: PDF reader for T3 landscape

Sam Lipoff wrote...
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Thanks for all that good info, so it looks like the answer is 'no'.

I'm reading some pdf's that are scanned text pages so I don't think the
text conversion will be straightforward.  But thanks for the tip for text

- Peter

Re: PDF reader for T3 landscape

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I'm not sure what you mean by not being 'straightforward'.

If you mean that the line breaks (CRLF) would be wrong, I use the free program
InterParse (google to find) to remove them so that you don't have odd breaks on
the PDA screen.

I more often than not use 'scanned' (such as scanned novels) pdf files when
converting to text files for PDA use and they work just fine...

Re: PDF reader for T3 landscape

Dear Peter,

If you're using image-only PDFs there might be one other solution.  And
that's simply to view them on your Palm as images in an image format,
rather than a PDF files at all.

RescoViewer (http://www.resco-net.com/palm/PalmViewer.asp ) and VFSi
(http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-PaloAlto/7022/oldcontents/vfsi.htm )
are two good examples of image viewers that can handle large images
stored on an SD card, zoom in to full detail, and take advantage of 320
x 480 pixel screens.  RescoViewer is nice because it supports GIF and
TIFF as well as JPEG, and lets you easily move from one image to
another.  VFSi supports only JPEG and BMP, and requires three button
presses to scroll between images . . . but VFSi is also free!  :)

There are a number of ways to turn existing PDFs into images.  If you
have Acrobat you can use "File | Export | Extract Images As..." to
produce image files.  Be sure to manually set the "Settings..." to
force Acrobat to produces image in the grayscale colorspace, and at 150
dpi.  You will likely find that JPEG images will include significant
artifacts, and so would have to use either minimal JPEG compression
(the High or Maximum settings) or just export to a TIFF image.  While
there are also many third party commercial image extraction tools
available (www.verypdf.com, www.pdf-tools.com, www.print-driver.com,
etc.), you can just use the free tools GhostScript and GSView, which I
mentioned in my previous post, to convert PDF files to various
image-formats as well (use the File | Convert command, and choose the
appropriate "device" and resolution).  And if you use GNU/Lunix,
cygwin, or a Unix flavor, you might find the NetPbm suite helpful as
another alternative.

TIFF and low-compression JPEG images will look fine, although the file
sizes will be fairly large.  If you have a large memory card this may
not be an issue.  However, if you want to spend a little more time
making images out of PDF files here's another way that will produce
images that are of slightly higher quality and much smaller file size.
You will need a recent version of Adobe Photoshop to yse this method.
Use the Photoshop "File | Automate | Multi-Page PDF to PSD..." command
to turn the PDF file into a group of PSD files.  Then open up one of
these PDF files, and create a new action in which you convert the image
mode to grayscale, adjust the levels so the background appears white
and the text appears black (essentially boost the contrast), downsample
to 150 dpi by changing the image size, use the "File | Save for Web..."
command to export the file as a 6-color (i.e. shades of grey) GIF file,
and then finish the action by closing the image.  Now apply this action
to all of the PSD files you created from the PDF file, and you'll get a
corresponding number of GIF images in the directory you exported the
first GIF image to when you wrote the action.  Using six-color GIF
images will make files that may actually look better than TIFF or JPEG
files, but will be much, much smaller, saving space on a memory card
and making it easier for the Palm to process.  If you have colors, or
complicated images to preserve you might alter some of the steps (i.e.
change the levels in a different way, change the number of colors in
the GIF export) but might find that the end product may not be much
smaller than an LZW compressed TIFF or a high quality (minimally
compressed) JPEG.  You can also play with the dpi setting to get
smaller files, or files that better fit in the 480 pixel screen width.
Usually 150 dpi is good to resolve detail on standard-size type, but if
the type is larger, or you don't mind funny shaped characters, you may
be able to go to lower resolution.  This Photoshop method is not
terribly complicated (especially once you've made the action), but it
is definitely more complicated and time consuming than using Acrobat or
GhostScript to export images in a single step, so whether this method
is right for you is something only you can decide.

Note that you can do this entirely with free software (use GhostScript
and GSView to convert PDF files to 120 dpi grayscale BMP images, and
view them with VFSi) or in a slightly better way with commercial
software (use Photoshop to convert to 150 dpi, six-color greyscale GIF
images, and view them RescoViewer).  Either way you may find this an
improvement on using Acrobat Reader for Palm to view scanned images.

Good luck,

--Sam Lipoff

Re: PDF reader for T3 landscape

@SparnBlock.bigpond.net.au says...
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I haven't upgraded to the current version of Docs-to-Go Premium Edition
but the version 6 copy I had was pretty good at displaying PDFs.  Better
than the abysmal Adobe viewer for the Palm.


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