PDA with Serial port

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I have the Toshiba E740 Pocket PC which have a USB port on its expansion.
Is it possible to make it a standard serial port using the USB-serial_9-pin
adapter? Does it need additional driver?

Is there a older type of PDA running Windows OS (example WinCE) which have
build-in serial port and compact flash support?
-- Speed: 66MHz or faster
-- Touch screen or keyboard input

Thanks in advance.

Re: PDA with Serial port

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Few Pocket PCs have the type of USB port that can be used with a
peripheral. Drivers won't help. I don't know about yours specifically.

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Definitely. Check Chris De Herrera's site:
http://www.cewindows.net /
You will probably need a while to sort through all the tables.

An alternate approach is to use a CF Card or SD Card serial adaptor. I
haven't checked for a while, but Mobile Planet is a good source of
such stuff:
And Socket Communications has made them:

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Re: PDA with Serial port

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Not sure about speed but I still love my HP 620LX.

Both CF and PCMCIA slots. The cable link to the PC was serial port but
I suspect with the right drivers and a crossover cable you would get a
standard serial port if you wanted to control other peripherals.

Touch screen. Not bad keyboard and my battery will still do 2 hours.

The next version or two upwards became the Jornado... Built in modem
by that time but I used the PCMCIA slot for a modem card.


Re: PDA with Serial port

Thanks very much for many tips (and links).

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