Palm Z22 not USB compliant or broken implementation?

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    Anyone else have problems using a non-Palm USB cable with the Z22?
This is what I have discovered, some cables have the "phantom" or "pin x"
connected to ground.  Apparently this is part of the spec and OK:

    Well, when using one of these cables vs the supplied Palm cable or
any other third party cable wihout the pin bridged to ground it refused to
show up as a device or sync.  The cable supplied with it is not one with a
hotsync button (if they even made USB cables for these that had a button?).

    I actually tore the "non-working" cable apart to look at it because
I saw that the pins were bridged and figured it was solder overflow or a
piece of the pins that slivered off and bridged it.  Unfortunately I didn't
realize that this was normal until after I pulled the thing apart.  So,
it looks like Palm violated the spec here?  The only other thing I can think
is that they did in fact make a USB cable with a button in-line for
initiating a hotsync and they are bridging this to ground when you push the
button.  So, in that case, if it's already connected to ground on the cable
right when you plug it in it refuses to work?

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