Palm version of Transcriber? HP 1955 vs TX

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I am looking at the HP RX1955 or the Palm TX.

I really like the HP's transcriber program- basically you write on the
screen in cursive, and it converts quite accurately to text.
I find this much easier than Graffiti 1 or 2.  Is there an equivalently good
program for the Palm OS?

Any other reasons why the Palm is better or worse than the HP RX1955.

My major interest is contacts, calendar, and checking email via wifi,
including attachments.


Re: Palm version of Transcriber? HP 1955 vs TX

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They must have improved transcriber since I last looked at it, then ...

The idea behind writing systems like Graffiti is that it is much easier to
decode the simple glyphs that make up such an alphabet than it is to decode
cursive script on low-power systems. That original reason for Graffiti no
longer applies on modern ARM-based PDAs, but some other advantages (such as
one-stroke encoding of all common symbols and similarly simple encoding for
accented characters that doesn't require a pause during input to disambiguate
combinations of strokes) mean that Graffiti 1 is still the quickest and
simplest input mechanism. There are Graffiti replacement applications for
Palms, some using Graffiti-like glyphs (Tealscript is often well spoken of)
and some not. I don't know anything about them (I prefer Graffiti, as you've
probably gathered) but they do exist and Google should be able to find them
for you.

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The Palm applications generally have cleaner, more straightforward, user
interfaces, and Palm software (e.g. Documents to Go, which is supplied with
new Palms) is better at handling Microsoft office data than is the cut-down
version of Microsoft's products that comes with Pocket PC (strange but true).

It's a matter of personal preference, so I'd advise you to try both devices
before you buy.


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