Palm TX - some real hardware issues keep this from being a great PDA

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I miss the hardware quality of my Handspring Deluxe Platinum, which I
still have and it still works great.

I like the Palm T|X, the bluetooth and 802.11 wireless connection.  I
like the big, bright display which I can rotate.  I like all the
included applications.  It's a great PDA in theory.  But it's not
implemented well in hardware.  It suffers from a poor power switch and
audio jack.  All in all, I probably wouldn't recommend a Palm product,
they're simply too delicate for day to day use.

I've owned my Palm TX for two months and already the power switch is
starting to fail.  Based on my experience with my previous Tungsten
models, a Palm E and two Palm E2s, I knew the poor design of the power
switch mounting on the circuit card was a problem, but I had hoped
they'd fixed that.  I guess not.  (Why anyone would mount a switch
with the force vector perpendicular to the solder joint is beyond
me.)  So I have the Palm TX to power off after a minute, and I turn it
on with the application buttons, just like I did with the Palm Es.

But two days ago the audio jack started failing.  Now it doesn't
connect well to my stereo (for streaming audio) or my ear buds.  I'm
really amazed at the poor hardware that Palm builds now days.  Before
this I used my PDA as my alarm clock and other traditional
applications, but also as my mp3 player, my connection for streaming
audio from the web, etc.  Now I can't because of a bad audio jack.

I'll still use my Palm TX, and while I knew from experience there
might be a problem with the power switch, I'm really disappointed with
the loss of audio through the jack.  I tried a HP Pocket PC and didn't
like it, but I do have to say it's hardware was top notch.

Bob M.

Handspring Deluxe (Blue -- sold to a friend for $15)
Handspring Deluxe Platinum (still working great)
Palm Tungsten E (bad power switch, died in use after a couple of
Palm Tungsten E2 (cracked display)
Palm Tungsten E2 (bad power switch -- it's now my wife's PDA)
Palm T|X (bad power switch, broken audio jack)

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