Palm TX and SSL

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Hello Everyone,

    I am considering buying a palm TX primarily to surf at wifi hotspots and
reading my gmail (google mail). Gmail supports the use of SSL for web
browsers (https), but does the Palm TX browser (balazer) support this? Has
anyone tried it ?


Re: Palm TX and SSL


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It's been a while since I tried, but in the early days of GMail, the
T|X's browser was able to handle Gmail.

The problem I ran into was that a surprising number of hotspots had
outdated SSL certificates, which meant upwards of 100 clicks on the
"Accept anyway" button before enough of the page would load to see which
image was "accept" and which was "decline" after the AUP (and/or to get
enough of the JavaScript to make the buttons work)

I took this as a sign that the hotspot operators didn't want my

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