Palm Tungsten T5 vs. TX Is the CPU really slower?

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I need to replace my Tungsten T and I was debating buying a used T5 or a
refurbished TX.  I noticed the CPU speed dropped from 416MHz to 312MHz and
the built in memory dropped from 256MB to 128MB.  I'm sold in the 802.11
ability of the TX, but I can buy an SD card to do that.  I can also
supplement the memory with an SD card.  The CPU speed is a concern.  Is this
a different generation chip so the slower CPU speed does not affect actual
performance?  Or is this an intentionally lighter product with true
replacement for the T5 being the LifeDrive?

My Tungsten T served me well for years until it went missing.  I regret no
being able to connect my USB GPS to the T, but otherwise it did what I
needed.  The 802.11 connection sounds like a real plus.  I live and work in
areas covered by 802.11 signals.  Suggestions are welcome.



Re: Palm Tungsten T5 vs. TX Is the CPU really slower?

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 22:49:37 +0000, Mark C wrote:

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I've got a T5, and (frankly) I'm not very keen on it.  802 wireless will
cost you another $90 or so, and the BlueTooth is 1.1 - so throughput (for
PPP over BT) is a bit of a dog.  (Forget hotsynching over it, unless you
have *real* patience).

The "buzzing screen" will beset you after a few months, and you're kind of
stuck (unless you want to replace it with a glass screen - caveat emptor).
 I get (very) occasional hangs - easily reset with a soft reset (but do I
 really need to do that?).

You'll see a lot of LifeDrive frustration - I'd lean away from that.  The
TX is generally popular (I hear a lot of good things about it on this


[thinking next pda is going to be linux based - I'll miss DateBook5
sorely; but a decent browser, non-usurious pricing on wireless and decent
performance will probably go a long way towards making me feel better.]

Re: Palm Tungsten T5 vs. TX Is the CPU really slower?

  To: Tom
Tom wrote:
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What are you using for BT hotsyncing?  Is it over PPP or are you using
BT serial?  Also, WIDCOMM or MS drivers for bluetooth?

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I can't speak for the hangs, but, the screen buzz can be stopped by
purchasing Warpspeed for like $15-20 USD.  Great cost for getting rid of
that damn buzzing.  Good app too for underclocking to reduce battery
usage during lower CPU apps.  I found that in pTunes my batt life while
playing music was doubled.

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What kind of lifedrive frustration?

Give the TX about another 6 months, people will post everything wrong
with it in a bit...  I'm hoping Palm does something seriously new soon.
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Re: Palm Tungsten T5 vs. TX Is the CPU really slower?


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My understanding, and I may be WAY off here, is that the TX's CPU is
technically slower, but some processes were offloaded so the net result
is that under normal usage, it's faster.

That being said, it's one of the fastest PDAs I've played with, and the
best 802.11b I've seen to date.

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