Palm Tungsten E HotSync fails: Solution found

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This is long, so I'll summarize for those who don't want to read the whole

If you've tried to get HotSync working in WinXP, and nothing you try helps,
leave Device Manager open so you can see it when you start HotSync from the

If the Palm pops up with a yellow exclamation mark, quickly right click on
the listing, choose Update Driver, and tell XP to Search the Web for a
driver. The next time you run HotSync, the Palm should show up properly in
Device Manager (with a grey diamond) and HotSync should now work.

I've been unable to find any mention of this fix anywhere I've looked.


Now the boring details:

My wife has a Palm Tungsten E. HotSync is/was working just fine in Windows
98, but then we decided to upgrade the desktop's OS to Windows XP.

Well, try as I might, I could not get HotSync to work in XP. I followed
every direction on Palm's Web site (rebooting with each item), up to and
1) Uninstalling the Palm software from the desktop
2) Deleting any oem*.inf files containing references to the Palm
3) Running the USB regclean utility
4) Deleting the data directory
5) Trying different USB ports on the desktop
6) Doing a Google and Google Groups search
7) Upgrading motherboard USB drivers
8) Checking the hardware compatibility list
9) Using the latest Palm software

Running HotSync for the first time after installing the software did NOT
bring up any dialog boxes, specifically not the one that should have
installed the driver. I did not clue in to this at first...

I went over Palm's online HotSync/XP help several times, to no avail.
HotSync refused to run, with the Palm timing out and saying a connection
could not be established.

Then while perusing some other troubleshooting tips, I came across a
mention that the Palm should NOT be present in Device Manager unless doing
an actual HotSync. It wasn't there when I checked, so just out of
curiosity, the next time I ran the HotSync from the Palm, I left Device
Manager running and visible. Sure enough, the Palm popped out in Device
Manager as it should have, but with a yellow exclamation mark next to it.
It seemed obvious that XP was not finding the driver.

I ran HotSync one more time, and this time quickly right-clicked the Palm
listing as it popped out, chose Update Driver, and told the wizard to
search the Web for a driver. The Palm timed out, but the driver install
completed anyway. The next time I did a HotSync, the Palm showed up with a
grey diamond icon, and HotSync worked.

All's well now.


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