Palm Tungsten E -- Extended Warranty

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I am in the process of buying a Palm Tungsten E PDA.  I am buying the
PDA from "Best Buy" and they offer an extended warranty on the PDA (in
a nutshell -- if anything goes wrong they will replace the unit).  The
cost of a 3 year warranty (including the Manufacturers warranty) is
20% of the purchase price of the actual PDA ($49.99 CDN).

My question of course is, is it worth getting an extended warranty,
and for that price?  Are PDAs prone to breaking, even if you take care
of them (ie: not dropping it on the floor, leaving it out in the rain
or in direct sunlight, etc..)

Because there is no hard drive in the PDA, and therefore no moving
parts, I would have thought that there isn't much to break over time.

The only things that I could think of is the durablity of the screen,
and the life of the battery.  If you could easily replace the battery
then I probably wouldn't consider it at all -- but you can't (not
easily that is).

On a side note -- is it worthwhile to use screen protectors?  Do they
help maintain and prolong the life of the screen / PDA, or is it more
just to prevent accidential scratches from occuring?

Thanks so much.


Re: Palm Tungsten E -- Extended Warranty

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I wish I had gotten the extended for my E. It has a couple of minor issues,
both of which are my fault (dropped it a few times). STill works, but has a
chip out of the back case and the headphone jack has loosened up. Otherwise,
no problems. Pretty rugged, actually, considering...

Re: Palm Tungsten E -- Extended Warranty

<I wish I had gotten the extended for my E.>

Right now I do too. My screen has a dead zone where the stylus is not
recognized. Digitizer doesn't fix it. Usable but irksome. Out-of-warranty
repair is estimated at 125.00. Sooner or later I will buy another rather than
fix this one at that price.Right now I'm holding out for the hoped-for T|E-2
with (I hope) USB-2 and a cradle, notn that I want to start a rumor. :-)
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Re: Palm Tungsten E -- Extended Warranty

Hugh Cowan wrote:
<Summary: He asking if buying an extended warranty for a Palm Tungsten E
is worth the $49.95CDN cost.  He's also asking about screen protectors.>

A lot of the answer has to do with your personal comfort-level with risk.

 From one point of view, if the extended warranty costs 20% of the list
price and runs three years (I *think* that's an extension of two years
past the one-year Manufacturers warranty), you're basically saying you
think there's a 1 in 5 chance that your Tungsten E will fail between one
and three years down the road.

Is that worth it to you?

Personally, I only buy insurace for things I can't afford to pay for out
of my own pocket.  I bought an extended warranty for my laptop, but not
for my own Tungsten E.

If my Tungsten E fails down the road, I'll just buy a new PDA, probably
for less money and with more features.

As far as the odds, why do you think Best Buy is pushing the extended
warranty?  It's because they make *lots* of money on extended
warranties.  In other words, the odds are heavily tilted in their favor.

Just for grins, try comparing the cost of buying insurance on your
Tungsten E (and that's really what an extended warranty is, insurance)
to the cost of your car or house insurance, and you'll see what I'm
talking about.

As far as a screen protector, I'm giving them a try on my Tungsten E,
after scratching up the screen on my Palm m105.  I *think* it's doing
its job, but it's too soon to tell for sure.

Bob Pownall

Re: Palm Tungsten E -- Extended Warranty

On or about depending on the hamsters Wed, 15 Dec 2004 17:31:16 -0700, Bob  

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I decided a long time ago never to buy extended warranties for anything.  
If you stick to this rule, you'll easily save in the long run. The best  
offer I had was for my Samsung printer. The unit cost 49.99 (plus a free  
flash drive gizmo), and they mailed me saying I could get extra cover for  
59.99. Now where's the sense in that?

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Re: Palm Tungsten E -- Extended Warranty

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Friends, relatives and I have all had problems getting Best Buy to live up
to their extended warranties. Frankly, we feel that they're crooks. Office
Depot at least gives some honor to the "product protection plan", but
Consumer Reports considers such plans a racket; if something's going to
break, it'll do so within the warranty period.

However, I got my Plan at OD because screens have too many exclusions.

Re: Palm Tungsten E -- Extended Warranty

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my last PDA (Palm V) got soaked in coffee at work - and immediately expired.
FWIW it was around 3 years old.

the replacement had one of the buttons come loose after about 2 years - a
bit of rubber glue fixed it for 6 months, but that one is now scrap.

current one is a TE
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the problem is that they are easy to drop, and exposure to a conducting
liquid ruins them
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you can easily scratch the screen with the stylus if there is any dust
around. I use screen protectors since my 1st one had the digitser develop
spots where scratches made for some jitter on input.
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Re: Palm Tungsten E -- Extended Warranty

<the problem is that they are easy to drop, and exposure to a conducting
liquid ruins them>

The dreaded "Pepsi Syndrome."

 - Henry

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