Palm Transport Monitor problem on Max OS X

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I've got two Macs, a G5 iMac and a PowerMac Pro laptop.   Both Macs are
running 10.4.8.

I use Bluetooth to synch my Palm OS PDAs.

I can synch my Palm Treo 700 (and my older Sony Cli=E9 NZ90) with the
PowerMac no problem, but something has gotten deranged in my G5.   It's
not a synch problem per se, but rather a Palm Transport Manager issue.

I can open Palm Desktop (v 4.2.1) with no problem, my data is all there
from the last time I succeeded in synching to the G5, possibly a couple
of months ago.  The HotSync menu shows the correct PDA name.

However, If I try to open any of the other options on the HotSync menu
(Install Handheld Files, Setup, Conduit Settings, View Log) I get two
error boxes:

One says:

     Unexpected Error #9

The other says:

     Application Launch Failure
    The application "HotSync Manager" could not b e launched because of
a shared library error:
    "O<HotSync Manager><HotSync

I've reloaded Palm Desktop repeatedly, but I'm stuck.  I'd really like
to be able to synch to this machine, which is my home machine, as well
as I can to my PowerMac at work.

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