Palm Transcribing Software?

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I am at a stage where I am finally considering upgrading my Palm Pilot. I
have always used Palm's (as opposed to Windows) based PDA's, and I would
like to continue going that way at present, as they seem to be better with
battery life, performance and software.

However, there is one aspect of the windows based platform that I have
fallen in love with, and that is the transcribing feature that comes with
windows mobile 2003. It allows you to write on the screen - even in script
as many words / sentences as you want, and when you pause, it transfers them
into characters / text. They call this transcribing I believe.

At the moment, I believe Palm pilots still only have the ability to resolve
one letter at a time, and not a word or sentence. I have found the
transcribing feature immensely faster at recording things, as opposed to

Does anyone know if there is any software out, or if I have missed somehting
with the latest palms, as presently, I don't believe this is possible with a

Thanks & Regards


Re: Palm Transcribing Software?

For those Interested:

Found this on the internet, but unfortuantly it would appear as though it
hasn't been released yet:   :-(

Apart from that, all seems pretty quiet as far as handwriting recognition is
concerned with Palms

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