Palm to IPAQ equivalent software

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Until recently I've been a die hard Palm fan. I've recently just
trading in my Tungsten T3 for a new IPAQ 5550. The different OS is
taking a bit of getting used to but I seem to be getting a better
understanding of it.

However, over the years of Palm use I had purchased / discovered
various palm apps that I used constantly, and I find I'm missing these
now. Has anyone who has switched from Palm to Pocket PC or who just
knows what's available on Pocket PC seen PPC equivalents of any of the
following software

Handy Shopper - Freeware shopping list app.
Happy Days - Freeware birthday reminder with age at next birthday etc
Planetarium - Astronomy software with srise set transic times and
other info.
Base Convert - Hex / dec / Bin / oct
Net Clock Sync - Sync clock with NTP server over dial up connection.
Palm VNC - Link to a VNC server on a PC for remote control
Tide Tool - High tide / low tide calc for many cities (inc UK)
Blue Chat/ Board - Chat/ draw with bluetooth to another similar device
Cryptopad - secure strong encryption notes
Currency Converter - updatable currency convertor. Downloadable update
Unit Converter - Converted everything to everyting else.
BT Toggle - Toggled BT on off . Tricked palm into thinking BT was on
when it was off and only turned it on when required. REALLY saved my

There were others on this list but I've either found an equivalent or
the exact same package in PPC format (MobileDB, Warfare inc etc)

also, if any of you can suggest some must have PPC software I'be be
happy to hear from you. I've had my new IPAQ now for 5 days and
there's a lot of stuff out there to wade through.

thanks in advance


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