Palm T/C and Pharos iGPS-180?

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I stumbled bleary-eyed upon this site after hours of fruitless
I bought a brand new (obviously had been stuck in someone's closet)
Pharos iGPS-180 on Ebay. It was made for the Palm M series and comes
with StreetNav. It was fairly cheap and as I am fairly old, cheap and
technotarded, I figured - what the heck - I'd buy an old Palm M series
PDA and make a GPS system. Well, I have a Palm Tungsten C and somewhere
I stumbled upon a forum where someone said that the unit would work
with the T/C as the connections are the same. This is true - they will
connect - but evidently the software is not compatible with the T/C.
Before I go and spend more money I don't have or pull what's left of my
hair out, can anyone tell me if the problem really is software or will
I still need to buy an old M series Palm? Any advice/help would be
greatly appreciated. Please email me if you have any suggestions or
help as I'm not sure I can find my way back here again.....

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