Palm synchronize Error 4017 - Probable cause

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Dear Palm community,

As has been noted in some other postings, on occasion the Palm will
experience sychronize errors.  The errors I had occured under the
following condition, and I have found the problem, and resolution.

Windows 2000
Palm Desktop 4.1.4
JMakeZtxt        (text file to .pdb converter)

Palm IIIxe
Palm OS 3.5.0

Error from sync log:
   - Install failed: C:\Documents and Settings\computer\My
Install synchronization failed
Protocol Error: Invalid parameter to local function  (4017)

I have determined, though many trials, that the error arises when the
"Title on PDA", a field in the .PDB file, is more than 30 characters
long.  Apparently, when the attempt is made to send the file to the
Palm, either the sync software, or the Palm itself, is rejecting
databases with filenames which are too long for the Palm's filesystem.

The fix was to build the .PDB file again, this time choosing to use a
shorter name for the "Title on PDA" - what shows up as the ebook title
on the Palm's display.

Hope this helps someone out there,
Anthony Albert

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