Palm PDA w/hideaway keyboard?

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I am looking for a more compact Palm PDA than my Sony Clie NX70V.   I love
the Clie's 320 x 480 bright screen and extra keypad, as the keypad has
helped while I've used it with my GPS for directions.   But now I want to
expand to a BT PDA so I can connect with my cell phone and perform
occasional Internet surfing.

I was looking at the Palm Tungsten E2, but it has a 320x320 screen with
fixed graffiti pad.   I thought I saw a Palm PDA with a hideaway thumb
keypad, providing a full 320 x 480 screen with the option to call up a
virtual graffiti pad (as I can also do on my Sony).

My budget has a max of $300.

Who makes a Palm w/hideaway thumb keyboard and BT and 320x480 screen?



Re: Palm PDA w/hideaway keyboard?

I believe that you can get a Bluetooth Memory Stick for the NX-70V.
That would be your best bet if you want a 320 x 480 screen, a thumb
keyboard, and bluetooth in one device.  (The NZ-90 has integrated
Bluetooth, but if you already have an NX-70V . . .)

The only two PalmOne models with integrated thumb keyboards are the
Tungsten C/W and Treo 600/650.  I know of no way to use Bluetooth with
the Tungsten C---although there are Bluetooth SD cards, there are no
drivers available for OS 5.  The Treo 650 does include Bluetooth, but,
like the Tungsten C, has a 320 x 320 pixel screen.  These devices are
considerably smaller and lighter than the Sony Clie NX-70V or the

In sum, you'll have to make compromises somewhere---maybe the WiFi on a
device like the Tungsten C, or long range wireless on the Tungsten W or
the Treo 600 or 650 will make Bluetooth unnecessary.  You would also
have to live with a 320 x 320 pixel screen.  Alternatively, sticking
with the Sony Clie series you already own, and adding a Bluetooth
MemoryStick could give you exactly what you asked for, and probably for
the lowest price, although you'd have a bulkier device.

Take a look at my website for more in-depth reviews of some of these
different options:

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