Palm OS5 File associations

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I'd like to use TCPMP as my default movie player and PalmOne Media as
my default image software, but when using "Files", clicking on an image
file tries to open DTG (even though I uninstalled the image libraries)
and clicking an .avi file tries to open Media (then gives me an error
because it is pathetic). Clicking "Open with..." doesn't give me the
option of using TCPMP for the video files. I can open and play them
just fine from within the application itself.

Are there any settings I can edit using Filez (note the "z")? Anything
else I could try?

Re: Palm OS5 File associations


Robin wrote:
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RescoExplorer can edit the associations and make TCPMP the default
viewer for files according to their type or even according to their
extension. It's not free, but well worth the price (and I was an
enthusiastic Filez user before). For example, RescoExplorer also can
zip/unzip files better than a PC, and has basic backup functionalities too.

Not affiliated with Resco, just an enthusiastic user.

Laurent Bugnion, GalaSoft
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