Palm OS System with both WiFi and Bluetooth

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I currently have a Tungsten E and am looking for a portable e-mail
solution. I have considered Blackberry but don't really like it for
various reasons. I also took a serious look at the Treo, but it is
just too small. If it were the size of the Tungsten C or the
Blackberry I would probably go for it.

So now I am looking for something reasonable that would work with both
Bluetooth (to connect to my cell phone) and 802.11b depending upon the
location.  It seems that the best (only?) bet is the Tungsten E2 with
the Palm WiFi card added, but I am interested in other solutions. I
would prefer a keyboard like that on the Tungsten C, but there is no
Bluetooth option I know of for that unit. The lifedrive has both built
in, but I don't need all that storage capacity and don't really want
to pay for it.

I know I can add WiFi to my Tungsten E with a "sled", but don't see a
comparable Bluetooth solution. (I guess I could get the sled for
Bluetooth and use IrDA instead of Bluetooth, but I don't think that
phones with IrDA are not that common anymore.

BTW - I have been playing with the evaluation version of SnapperMail
on my Tungsten E and really like what I see so far. Now, to get it to
connect to something.

All suggestions appreciated.

Vic Roberts
Replace xxx with vdr in e-mail address.

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