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Re: Palm OS, RIP

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Others have done this (albeit not anyone as big as Palm) and it has
never turned out meaningfully well in any manner relevant to "Linux."

There were several MIPS-based PDAs running Linux; the fact that "Linux
is free/open" didn't lead to them being meaningfully "open."  They
were only  able to interoperate with Windows desktop software, and the
vendors weren't keen on releasing enough info for anyone to build
Linux-based desktop software (akin to JPilot/KPilot/the Gnome stuff).

It never turned out well.
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Re: Palm OS, RIP

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Yeah, well, that's what I mean, I was hoping that there would be a PDA
manufacturer big enough to actual develop linux as well as windows and
mac desktop applications and stick with linux. Sharp, as I pointed out,
is doing well in Japan, but the did pull out from the US market because
of the competition with M$ and rather steep prices of their devices. I
think linux would be a grate move for Palm OS, I am just think that by
the time it's ready later in 2006 there will not be any manufacturers
willing to use it, Just like no one used Palm 6.

I think if Palm HW chooses to go with Palm OS 7 (or what ever they will
call it) it will be a very good move on their part. However, I am afraid
that in the coming months we are going to here that palm chose to go with
Win instead.

 - Bogdan

Re: Palm OS, RIP

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Here is another (IMO better link and description of it):

"Palm OS 5, RIP. Access Linux Platform (ALP), hello beautiful!" /


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