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 Hi group,

Just returned from my Summer holiday. Part of the journey involved a
latish crossing on a car ferry. I noticed a lot of families with
children had those portable DVD players....which made me feel rather
jealous. It occured to me during this boring part of my journey that
it would be rather cool and useful to have that facility on my
Palm...and so I did a little research.

You can save movies to your Palm. They actually work quite well. I
had a 512Mb SD card not doing very much and was amazed to discover
that with a little jiggery pokery and hopes of the wind being in the
right direction, I could fit three whole movies onto the card !

Now, I'll be honest, the process isn't all that straightforward.
You're going to need two or three pieces of software, each one doing
a different job.
1)I bought Pocket DVD studio. costs about $39.00 This copies your
DVD from your drive to your hard drive. It also reduces the size so
that it fits into your Palm....reducing memory size and geometric
size. My copy of Master and Commander ended up at about 120Mb.
2) Now, you have to get it onto your SD card. Apparently you can't
use the normal Hotsync software for this and you have to sort of get
the movie onto the card without using Hotsync. If you have a card
reader, then that probably is the best bet. Otherwise, you could try
a piece of free software called Pilot Install, although I couldn't
get any joy from it. Eventually I tried something called Card
Export, which works perfectly. It reads the Palm SD card through
your normal Hotsync lead, but permits you to use your SD card as a
normal data storage gizzmo. Transfer your movie onto your card.
3) Now, you need a piece of software on your Palm that will show the
movie. For this you need something called MM Player. Once that's
installed, Bob's Your Uncle.

Apart from that, I only hit one other snag. I've two computers, but
the one with a DVD player hasn't got an awful lot of memory and was
really struggling to transfer the movie to the Palm. Instead, I sent
the movie over my home network to my desktop computer....which
handled the transfer without problem. Problem was, I tried looking
at the movie using Windows Media Player and it told me that I didn't
have the correct codec to view the movie. Any suggestions?

In the meantime, I've a feeling that I could transfer a fair few
movies onto a CD, then download them to my Palm whenever I have a
long journey or a work related trip ahead of me.

All the best,

Re: Palm movies

On Thu, 25 Aug 2005 09:51:46 +0000 (UTC), "Phil"

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Nice write up.

Often the cheap portable DVD players that are seen around these days
have screen that are lower quality than our palm devices and not a
great deal larger.

We have the better deal as our devices are far smaller and are useful
in many many other ways.

I have a slightly different method to you to get a usable movie \ vid
onto my Clie NX or Treo 600.

The advantage of your method is that it is easy and straightforward.

The only extra advantage of mine is that you end up with the tools to
work on a larger range of source video types (DVD, downloaded, TV
capture etc..):

Installed \ Used codecs:
Xvid (Nic's Version)
DivX V3.1 (divx_311alpha.exe)

Decode DVD
---------------------- (Lite Version Works Great)
DVDDecrypter (For encrypted DVDs)

Reduce Output Video Size
VirtualDub (Sometimes the Alt Version.)

Transfer Files To Palm Device Card

File 2 PDA (and WinCommander <Total Commander>)
Card Export
Data Import (Only Certain Devices)

Watch Video On PC
Media Player Classic (Like MS but simpler and faster)
VideoLan (For those hard to watch or problem videos)

Watch Video On PDA

The Core Pocket Media Player (tcpmp) (Free and plays nearly everything
your PC can play. DivX, Xvid, MPG, MP3, OGG. etc etc...)


Re: Palm movies

Phil wrote:

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Yes! I've also just stumbled across this awesome concept. I've got a LifeDrive
with gigs of space, so it's easier to carry more movies or TV show episodes but
as they say, you can never have enough space.

I can record the F1 grands prix with my digital tuner card which saves the 2.5
hour recording as an MPG. Then I use a Ulead product (which I bought with a DVD
burner) to convert the MPEG into a 700MB divx AVI. There must be a free bit of
software that does that step but I haven't looked.

I then play it with TCPMP - The Core Project Media Player - which is a free
movie player that supports DivX and xvid avis, and a few other formats too.

I've also got a bunch of TV episodes in AVI format, and the resolution is
slightly bigger than my screen, but they automatically scale nicely and there
don't appear to be any dropped frames for the 25fps source.
Ben Thomas - Melbourne, Australia
The essentials: Kodak DX6490, Nikon D70, Canon i9950, Pioneer DVR-109,
Hitachi W37-PD2100, DGTEC 2000A, Harmon/Kardon AVR4500, Denon DVD-2800,
Whatmough Synergy, Sony Ericsson K700i, Palm LifeDrive.

Opinions, conclusions, and other information in this message that do not
relate to the official business of my employer shall be understood as neither
given nor endorsed by it.

Re: Palm movies

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See also: Kinoma.

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field to circumvent my email filters.
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Re: Palm movies

Toby wrote:
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Or not. While Kinoma was bundled with the T3 and similar devices, that
version was appallingly bad. Later versions of Kinoma support more
formats and may be better; I don't know, as the alternatives are
excellent, and free. I've compared video converted with Kinoma, and
generally the Kinoma version is noticeably degraded from the original
and also a larger file.

TCMP is free and will play just about any avi and many other formats you
throw at it, so you don't need to convert or even resample stuff you
might download off the net - check out for some material to
get you started. My T3 needs slight overclocking to cope with high
sapmle and frame rates, but even if I let it drop frames, the result is
acceptable. It is also an excellent audio player - much better quality
than Pocket Tunes, in my experience. It won't play in the background
like Pocket Tunes does, unfortunately.

If you need to convert DVDs to avi, you can use Fair Use Wizard LE
(Windows app), also free. Or try Auto Gordian Knot (AutoGK), or DVDx.

PocketDivXEncoder is still free, and I use this most often, but you'll
need something else to deal with DVDs. It is a standalone executable -
no installation required.

I use a card reader to load up the SD card, it is fastest and least hassle.

People are always amazed when I demonstrate video on the T3 - the
quality is surprisingly good. Personally, I'm astounded at just how much
the abilities of Palm devices have improved over the past couple of
years, and most of the improvements have been from 3rd party developers,
not Palm. will get you started - lots of
information and links from here.


Re: Palm movies

Phil wrote:
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Hi, I've been doing the same trick with my T3 and now my Lifedrive.
MMPlayer is fine, but TCPMP is free, seems less buggy and, on the
Lifedrive where this is possible, suppresses the white border on the screen.
I use the Pocket DVD Studio For Palm to convert DVDs to .avi files (XVid

Typically I have found 464x272px at 15fps works nicely for moves and
320x240px again at 15fps works fine for 4:3 aspect ratio.

I used CardExportII to transfer moves to the T3. The Lifedrive has
DriveMode and the Lifedrive manager to transfer things. It is reasonably
fast about it.

Interesting the Lifedrive can out of the box handle a number of types of
movie files. Dropping them onto Lifedrive manager it will convert them
into asf files for display with the Media application. Doesn't work
badly although the translation takes a while.


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