Palm m500 gets frozen

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I'm having a Palm m500 which I bought on ebay.

In 70% of the usage the palm is working fine but sometimes
I get the problem that it stops working and the system is
frozen for couple of minutes.
In this state neither the buttons nor the touchscreen react.
Than, after a break of 2-3 minutes (or sometimes longer) the palm
wakes up and executes all the activities. It's like it was saving all
button hits and touchscreen activities in a queue while idleling and than
working off one command after the other.

I did a software reset, a hardware reset and also used both the original
Windows software and the Linux jpilot for synchronization. But all
didn't help. The problem remains.

Does anyone have a similar problem or know any solution for that?


Re: Palm m500 gets frozen

Christian Christmann wrote:
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 If the digitizer were acting up, it could lock up the machine, but
I don't see how it would 'queue up' activity. What third-party apps
and hacks are you running?

 Worst case, the OS is missing an interrupt or something and waiting
until another one comes, but other interrupt-driven activity (like
screen input) is at least received, but not acted upon. That would
point to hardware trouble... :-/


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Re: Palm m500 gets frozen

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You can apply the os 4.1 upgrade (free off the palm support site) and
see if that helps.  I just upgraded mine and it went fine.

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