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I am just getting used to my new Palm.

In the date book (appointments) is it possible to simply see what
appointments I have without having to scroll down to all the different
times. i.e.. a program that says, its Tuesday here's what you have to do, so
to speak. A lot of my appointments seem to be in the evening and I have to
scroll down to the various times. A lazy git I know but just wondered if
there was such a program

Thanks Jason

Re: Palm M130

There is such a program called Agendus by Iambic.
I am sure that Datebook5 does the same but I have never used it.
The other day, I had 4 appts. for that day, all at different times.
Agendus listed only the appts. with a time attached to it plus it has other
views that you can set for appts or to do's.
I had Agendus set for a weekly view and only the appts. with a time attached
to it were listed on the screen but you can move from week to week..
You can do the same for the daily view or the monthly view.
In the monthly view, tap on the day of a certain month and it gives you all
kinds of information on what is scheduled.
Too many features to list but look at the site and take the
free download.
Excellent support from James and the others at Iambic.
The program is worth the money they ask for.
I have been using Action Names/Agendus (name change) since I got my M105 and
never have regretted it.
Just a thought.

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Re: Palm M130

Jason wrote:

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Several points:

1) Palm Date Book usually scales the times on the left to fit your daily
schedule. If you have an appointment early in the morning and one late at
night, then you might _have_ to scroll.

2) Keep Date Book entries as short as one line. Put all additional text
inside a note (Graffiti Stroke+A)

3) Go to Date Book>Options->Preferences. Set your time range to fit your
usual schedule.


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