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I have just got a palm m105 and have installed pilot-db  on it.I can access
the db on the pilot but I can't see it on the palm desktop on my pc.I would
like to build my database on the pc and sync it to the palm, I have a lot of
data to input  and it takes ages on the palm.I would be grateful for any
help or advise
I am using xp pro

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Re: palm m105

On Mon, 6 Jun 2005 17:51:27 +0100, velc wrote:

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Here's the homepage for Pilot-DB, where a few alternatives are listed.
Hope you find one you like. /

Re: palm m105

velc wrote:
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You need DB-Tools.

Going off at a bit of a tangent :-)

I have used pilot-db, but much prefer Handyshopper; depending on your
requirements, you might find HS worthwhile, too. It has reasonable tools
for getting data into and out of the palm format via excel or other
spreadsheets, and is surprisingly versatile. It doesn't have math
functions - just totals, really; and a few ways to sort, which with a
bit of cunning can be made to do some quite useful things. Seems to be
well supported by the developer - and it is free, too.

In some ways, the name does the application quite a disservice, because
although it is the best shopping list app I've tried (I use it all the
time) it is superb at similar database applications, too. It is
extremely easy to use.

As an example, I receive customised supplier pricing in a braindead
proprietary format, I capture and convert this to csv, import into .xls
format; it is then very easy to shuffle the data around to suit HS,
convert, and upload to the Palm. End result? I have a category set as
the supplier, and stores within that category for classes of items. Each
item shows description, stock number, my price and retail pricing. It
isn't a huge database (about 1200 items) but I refer to it all the time.

For simple databases, inventory, checklists, etc handyshopper is very
hard to beat. But, if you need the math functions, Pilot-DB is the way
to go.

Re: palm m105

thanks i will look into those ideas
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