Palm: Losin' the faith (rant + request for info)

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Ok; relatively new owner of the Palm T5 - but I gotta tell ya, I'm losing
the faith here, guys.

My original was something like a Palm III (HP was handing them out with
every switch you bought?) that hooked me.  I went from that to a
Handspring Edge - sexy, and DateBook+ hooked me forever - or so I thought.
 Vindigo's restaurant reviews and proximity searches were keeping me
 popular with my friends.

I wanted some live networking with my system - my phone just wasn't
cutting it for getting to web pages (my friends would race me with 411 -
and win!). I bit for a Palm T5 - bluetooth built-in, gobs of memory --
figured I'd go for a SD WiFi card later.  I can use bluetooth from the
palm to my phone to cruise the web wherever I'm at, right?  I'll be the
man with the PAN - 802.11b when wireless is free, b'tooth over GSM when I
have to - kicking web pages in coffee shops with my "laptop" measured in


I am:
    In New York City, with crippled phone services (Verizon
cripples the phones, Cingular offers dial-up speeds, Sprint can't handle
a voice call), a T5 that is quickly becoming a liability - IP/bluetooth is
ok for home but a bit of a pig ("patience" is the keyword with browsing,
and let's talk 15 minutes to sync), Palm's WiFi card is pricey insecure
crap (WEP? Sheesh, I'm running WPA-PSK at home!). On sync'ing through
Linux systems: botch your AvantGo periodically, Vindigo blows.

You are:
    a) have a phone and a palm-top, cadging free wireless
    b) run WEP when you don't care, WPA for home
    c) get a tent in your pants when you get over 100K/s thru your phone
    d) disdain windows and all-in-one brick-phone devices
    e) are uncompromising and results driven - so f*ck (d), if necessary

What are you using?  Who is your cellular provider?  How much you shelling
for this?

If it weren't for DateBook5 - hell, I'd go back to the "City Planner" ....

- Tom

(disillusioned palm user....)

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