Palm IIIx: os & bootloader interaction

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I'm preparing to put my own OS on my PalmIIIx--got the tools working &
I can load embedded programs into ram that write to the micro's
registers, etc.

I need to know where to place my OS in flash (where the bootloader will
jump to).  It most likely goes in the 2nd sector of flash
(0x10C08000--after the remap by the memory controller).  What concerns
me more is if there is some magic number or (worse) checksum stored
somewhere in rom that the bootloader uses to verfiy there's a legit OS
image in flash.  I REALLY don't want to reverse engineer the bootloader
assembly.  :(.

Can anyone help me out on this?

Thanks much!


Re: Palm IIIx: os & bootloader interaction

Jim wrote:
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The U-Boot bootloader is known to run on the same architectures as most
Palm devices. You might want to ask around that if you haven't already. /

Re: Palm IIIx: os & bootloader interaction


Thanks for the reply.  Interesting project (u-boot).  But,
unfortunately, there's no support for the Palm IIIx (or any palm for
that matter).


Re: Palm IIIx: os & bootloader interaction

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 You might find something of use from LinuxDA, which had Linux running on
a Palm IIIxe.


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