palm device as a single pushbutton tally counter with logging?

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I have looked at various 'stopwatch' softwares for palm OS, but the
palm device is not adequate because it requires both hands. I am
looking for a 'wearable' 'push of a button' solution (like a tally
that you could feasibly use while driving an automobile (for example).

By 'time logging' i mean the ability to
record not only the tally, but the time (hour:minutes:second) that the
tally was entered. This should be storable in a log that can be
exported to a computer as plain text.

Also, it would be nice if i could apply a simple 'codename' (for
the name of one color from the list ROYGBIV) by pushing one of seven
buttons, or one button plus a dial (but this feature is not required)

tally -- time -- codename
1 -- 12:00:00 -- orange
2 -- 12:01:32 -- blue
3 -- 12:01:55 -- red
4 -- 12:02:03 -- orange

is there a way to use a palm device in this manner without actually
taking the
device out of your pocket? is there already a device out there that
works in
this way?

Re: palm device as a single pushbutton tally counter with logging?

On 12 Dec 2005 10:37:10 -0800, wrote:

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If you can do your own programming or can afford to pay someone, there
could be a custom program that used a Palm with 4 hard keys to allow
"blind" input.  The obvious possibility is 4 tallies based on the 4
input buttons.

For more inputs, you could have a "start" button and a sequence of the
other buttons:
start, 1,1,1
start, 1,1,2
start, 1,1,3
start, 1,2,1
start, 1,2,2
start, 1,2,3
start, 1,3,1
start, 1,3,2
start, 1,3,3



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