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I have the newest version of Palm Desktop.  Here is my situation.
I have 2 people with identical Tungsten C Palms.  One person has the
Palm Desktop and keeps all the appointments / dates there.  She wants
to have an exact copy on her Palm as well as the other guy.  We do not
want to have the Palm Desktop be the absolute end all and have it
overwrite both palms, as the guy will often make notes and dates on
the road.  The problem that keeps arising is that if she adds an
appointment to the Desktop, syncs her palm and then he syncs his palm,
appointments will actually get erased from the Desktop.  If he goes
more than a few days without syncing, this results in a more than a
few dates being erased.
Does palm offer any kind of software to deal with this type of
situation?  We realize that we could add another user to the Desktop,
but this would force her to double enter everything she puts in and
try to maintain 2 desktops at once, which [ considering the schedule
she has to keep up with ] is not a viable solution.  I have to believe
that there are other people out there with this kind of issue and that
Palm has created something to make this process easier.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Palm Desktop Woes

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Are you saying that you want both Palms to have the same exact schedules on
them which also exists on the Desktop?

If yes, I would think that you need to make the User for each Palm exactly
the same then set your Conduit for Appointments to Sync versus Handeld
overwrites Desktop or Desktop overwrites Handheld. As long as the Palm user
names are the same the Desktop shouldn't know the difference, at least in
theory. :)

Hope this helps

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