Palm Desktop (Tungsten E) wierdness

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   I just bought a Palm Tungsten E, to replace my m105.

   By-and-large, the installation went OK, but I just noticed something
odd.  This may be a case where I need to RTFM, but somehow I doubt it.

   The Contacts (replaces the m105 Address Book) looks fine in "normal"
view, but if I tried to edit an entry, the edit screen looks *very* wierd.

   I'm not sure of the "official" terminology, so bear with me here.

   The "Name" panel is partially overlapping the "Address" panel.  In
addition, for some entries, the "First Name" and "Title" entry boxes in
the "Name" panel are only about half-height.  For other entries, the
last and first name entry boxes are normal height, but the other entry
boxes are only a few pixels high.

   Similar problems exist in the "Address" panel, although oddly only on
the "Work" tab, not the "Home" and "Other" tabs, at least as far as I
can tell.  On the other hand, it looks all addresses were brought over
from the m105 database as "Work" addresses.  I haven't found any listed
on the "Home" tab, even ones where the primary contact is home.

   Similar problems with very short entry boxes exist in the "Contact
Info" and "Additional Info" panels.

   I've got Palm Desktop Software version 4.1.2  Do I need to download
newer desktop software from the Palm website?

   I'm running the Palm Desktop software on a Dell Inspiron 8500 with
Windows XP Pro.  1Gb RAM, 2.2GHz Pentium IV, 32Mb Mobility Radeon 9000
set to 1920 x 1200 pixels.

   Any ideas?

Bob Pownall

Re: Palm Desktop (Tungsten E) wierdness

Sorry about that - I should have looked a little more before posting.

Turns out that it's a known Palm Desktop problem when using large fonts
in Windows.  (I forgot that I had large fonts enabled.)

I found the solution here:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj (18858)

Basically, the solution is to go back to normal fonts.

Bob Pownall

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