Palm database files disappear after hotsync

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I just upgraded my old palm to a Treo 600. During installation, the
installer found my profile successfully. However, the first time I
hotsynced, all my database files (address book, calendar, etc) were
replaced by empty files! Fortunately, I had made a backup of my data.

After restoring the files and trying various approaches to the problem,
I ended up "fixing" it by hotsyncing my old palm with the desktop, and
then hotsyncing the new Treo with the desktop.

I believe that the problem is due to version incompatibilities. The Treo
documentation warns to use only the version of the Desktop software that
comes on the Treo CD (Version 4.1). However, I was using Version 4.1.4
with my old palm. I believe that Version 4.1 was unable to read the
Version 4.1.4 database format (even though the 4.1 version found the
files, and sometimes made a copy).

I am posing this as a warning, and to see if anyone can confirm my theory.


Re: Palm database files disappear after hotsync

GB wrote:

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Thanks for letting others know. I had a similar (but far less critical)
problem before. I have a Palm Tungsten T which is compatible with Palm
Desktop 4.0. I downloaded the most recent version of Palm Desktop and
realised that data inconsistencies arose when I used more advanced features
of the Desktop. The O/S version on the Palm (5.0 I think) could simply not
handle it properly.

I think it's safer to always stick to the Palm Desktop release that comes
with the device.


Roy S. Schestowitz

Re: Palm database files disappear after hotsync

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4.1.4 has contacts, calendar, memos, tasks, plus the legacy conduits of
address book, date book, memopad, and todo list.  Your Palm, if a newer
OS5 model, probably used the first group.  Desktop 4.1 only has the
latter conduits, and they were likely blank on your Palm.  Syncing it
with the older desktop forces use of the legacy conduits, since the new
ones don't exist.



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