Palm contact list and mobile phones (CDMA)

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I have all my contact list in Palm Desktop. I'd like to replace my old
Nokia 3280 as it doesn't have phone book backup.

Is there any phone (preferably CDMA) that can import my contact list
from Palm Desktop ?   If there isn't a CDMA phone that can do this i
can consider a GSM phone.

Thank you.
Fabio Pereira Bernardino
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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Re: Palm contact list and mobile phones (CDMA)

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 23:12:15 -0300, Fabio Bernardino

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Palm Desktop will export to CSV (Comma Separated Value) or TSV (tab
Separated Value) plain text files.  You might have better luck to ask your
local carrier which phones they support, and then see which of those can
import text files into their address book by either looking in the
documentation on line, or by posting this to alt.cellular.cdma

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