Palm and Pascal

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I am wanting to buy a Palm but I don't know which. If somebody can help
myself, I thank.
I need Palm that allows programming in Basic and maybe in Pascal,
photographic camera and great autonomy of batteries. It will be used for
complex calculations during autonomous flight.
Fernando Carvalho

Re: Palm and Pascal

Palm applications are traditionally developed with a cross-compiler
run on a PC or Macintosh, and downloaded to the Palm device.  While
there are compilers that run on the Palm device itself, most
developers find the PC or Macintosh hosted compilers to be much

Usually, Palm applications are built in C or C++, as the compilers for
these languages tend to be more mature than compilers for other
languages, and as the Palm OS API is defined in terms of the C
language.  It is possible to develop Palm applications in other
languages; see and (Google cache at ).

Palm products extend their battery life by turning themselves off over
99% of the time and by running the CPU at slow clock speeds.  Most
Palm devices will exhaust their batteries within a few hours if called
on to perform continuous calculation.

Palm devices can communicate with the world through either their
infrared port or their serial port.  Running the infrared port takes
more power than running the serial port.  Controlling a number of
effectors, or receiving input from a number of sensors, would require
designing and running a multiplexing protocol for the serial line;
supporting the multiplexing protocol from the aircraft side would
require a traditional microcontroller.

You may find a microcontroller both more flexible and more effective
than a Palm.  Microcontrollers tend to need fewer support parts and
tend to include a large number of both digital and analog I/O ports.
Microcontrollers come in 4- to 32-bit widths, with CPU speeds from
several 4-bit KIPS (Kilo Instructions Per Second) to several hundred
32-bit MIPS.  Popular microcontroller architectures are 8052 (8 bit),
AVR (8 bit RISC), ARM (32 bit RISC), 68000 (16/32 bit CISC), and 80386
(32 bit CISC).

Re: Palm and Pascal

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 The 68k-based onese will last longer than the new ARM ones, though
they will in general be slower. It depends on how much calculation
you need. For such a project, though, you may be able to use external
batteries to supplement the lifetime.

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 I, too, would suggest investigating this route.


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Re: Palm and Pascal

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Pick one.  They all can do the calculations, and there is a Pascal compiler
that runs on Palms.  Search for Pocket Pascal.

Any of the models with a universal connector can accept a camera, but only
the Zire 71 & Zire 72 have built-in cameras, AFAIK.  Battery life is a
problem with all the newer models with faster processors and high-
resolution color screens.  



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